Exhibition: art meets science


As a result of my art and science residency at Akademie Schloß Solitude, I curated the exhibition „art meets science“ shown on the 4th and 5th of July 2014. This exhibition was initiated as part of the meSch project and jointly with Demian Bern curated. The exhibition was a collaboration between the Akademie Schloß Solitude and the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems at the University of Stuttgart.

art meets science is an exhibition with light projections, 3D printers, painting robots, video installations and interactive images. Works from art and science are shown that represent gestures of technology using various media and materials.


Exhibiting artists and scientists

Essam Abdelhady & Katrin Wolf
Proxemic Interaction Using Light
(interactive light installation)
Scientists of the University of Stuttgart

Danielle Adair
And I Think I Like It
(Video installation)
Stipend of the Akademie Schloß Solitude

Kai Franz
Black Skull / Cinder Blocks / Clouds From Above
(Sculptures, 3D printed)
Stipendiat der Akademie Schloss Solitude

Kristof Gavrielides
(Media installation)
Media artist

Michi Meier
Im Auge des Betrachters
(Video installation)
Media artist

Raphael Geiger
Geh Hirn in Frieden
(Sculpture, 3D printed)
Scientist at Fraunhofer IPA

Michael Raschke & Markus Funk
(Painting robot controlled by brain waves)
Scientists of the University of Stuttgart