Artistic Methods in Mixed Reality Exhibition Design


Funded by the LFF Hamburg
Duration: 2019-2022


Project-related publications

Takashi Goto, Swagata Das, Pedro Lopes, Yuichi Kurita, Kai Kunze and Katrin Wolf. Accelerating Skill Acquisition of Two-Handed Drumming using Pneumatic Artificial Muscles. In Proceedings of the Augmented Humans (AHs) International Conference 2020

Niels Wouters, Ryan M Kelly, Eduardo Velloso, Katrin Wolf, Hasan Shahid Ferdous, Joshua Newn, Zaher Joukhadar and Frank Vetere: Biometric Mirror: Exploring Ethical Opinions towards Facial Analysis and Automated Decision-Making. In Proceedings of the ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS)

Jiawen Han, George Chernyshov, Dingding Zheng, Peizhong Gao, Katrin Wolf and Kai Kunze: Sentiment Pen: Recognizing Emotional Granularity Based on Handwriting Features. In Proceedings of the Augmented Human International Conference (AH) 2019

Takashi Goto, Katrin Wolf: Towards Art inspired Innovation: A Survey of High-Potential Media Art to Inspire Future Mixed Reality. In Proceedings of the EVA Conference on Electronic Media and Visual Arts Berlin, 2019, Andreas Bienert , Eva Emenlauer-Blömers , James R. Hemsley (Hrsg.), ISBN 978-3-948466-21-3